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Al Jazeera America
Mar 4, 2014 11:30am EST
phase of the struggle for freedom, and the united states reaffirms our commitment to ukraines sovereignty and territorial integrity. we condemn the russian confederations act of aggression, and we have throughout this moment, and evidence of a great transformation taking place, and in that transformation, we will standing with the people of ukraine. today ukrainians are demanding a government with the consent of the people, and i have to say that we all greatly admire the restraint of that the transitional government has shown as it makes this transition. they have shown restraint despite an invasion of ukrainian homeland, and the russian government that has chosen aggression and intimidation as a first resort. the contrast really could not be clearer, determined ukrainians demonstrating strength through unity and the russian government out of excuses, hiding its hand behind falsehoods, intimidation, and provocations. in the hearts of ukrainians in the eyes of the world, there is nothing strong about what russia is doing. that both sides can accept. the prime minister spoke ye
Al Jazeera America
Mar 5, 2014 11:30am EST
. diplomatic efforts to stabilize the situation? ukraine. secretary of state john kerry meeting with russian's foreign minister in paris. >> crimea, was, is, and will be an integral part of the state of ukraine. >> ukraine's new prime minister talking about those tensions in crimea. as russian navy ships remain in the port.
Feb 27, 2014 7:00pm PST
jokes coming up. as ukraine's national assembly rooms in the interim cabinet. pro russian armed gunmen continued to control crime year's regional parliaments the last five days after his ouster ex president of ghana which pops up and rush over to schedule a friday news conference. thought i was a speech before a joint session of parliament even the queen on to record this as his uk counterpart david cameron says he can get his way when it comes to an antique buttons eu membership status it all. its engine keeps building over ukraine in crimea as capital gunmen in control of parliament was wasted. the russian flag cross the border russian fighter jets in the sky in ukraine's ousted president hopping up the tree of the cove which was given a friday press conference in the southern russian city of raw stuff and gone. meanwhile in the capital of double screening process for ukraine's new cabinet inside parliament in downtown st the prime minister and the new direction the line taking a taxi to the ukrainian government is european integration. sad to see if his linens and things to be troub
Mar 4, 2014 11:00am EST
tensions. argentina is convinced of the need to work for a united ukraine. following the principles of international law and with unconditional full respect for human rights. it is a funny way in which the ukrainian people could find a democratic way out of the crisis affecting their country. they must focus their efforts on supporting such a process in order to cooperate and achieve political agreement which will present to the current crisis which ukraine is facing. thank you very much. >> i think the representative argentina and look forward to the representative of nigeria. >> madame president, what began three months ago as a political protest has taken on a dimension which today which would be best described as precarious. we call it our concerned to abide by the provisions of the human charger, particularly two which calls on all member states to settle their disputes by peaceful means and to refrain from the use of force. the current situation in ukraine, especially in crimea represents an important threat to international peace and security. we would like to see the de-escalat
Al Jazeera America
Mar 3, 2014 6:00pm EST
america, live from new york city. i'm tony harris and a look at the top stories. the crisis in ukraine is growing. there is an ultimatum to surrender or be seized. president obama is saying that russia's steps is violating international law and putting the financial markets into a panic. >> tense moments at the u.n. this afternoon as the security council debates the growing crisis in ukraine and it is coming hours after russia denied the reports issuing an ult mate yum to crimea. nick schifrin is live in the capitol of crimea and nick, you said there is a russian siege going on in crimea and describe what you mean by that. >> tony, the russian ouk pags is expanding and the crimeian people are letting that happen. the bases here, the russian flags are flying on those bases and trenches are being dug by the russian soldiers, but the russians and inside of the biases, if there ukrainian soldiers, some of the bases they are negotiateing and they are talking to the russians and urging them not to come in and others ukrainians are battening down the hatches and going inside and they are out
Al Jazeera America
Mar 5, 2014 10:00am EST
60 minutes. crisis talks. top diplomats search for a solution to the standoff in ukrain. and ukrainian soldiers are under pressure to choose sides. and the seen inside an egyptian court as al jazeera's staff face prosecutors. >> i'm in london with the latest from europe including a un mandating report reveals that 250,000 syrians are struggling to survive as the conflict there rages on. ♪ >> well, it's a day of tough talking and difficult negotiations over a crisis that has seen ukraine losing control of crimea. russian diplomats have been in discussion with nato, while in paris the foreign ministers of the united states and russia have been meeting too, and it's there where we begin. barnaby phillips has this report. >> reporter: in paris, europe and the united states try to court rate their position in the face of what they consider russian aggression. >> translator: there will be sanctions tomorrow targeting visas, and the assets of a certain about of oligarks. >> translator: i would like do you explain to me what you mean by pro-russian forces. if you are referring to t
FOX News
Mar 6, 2014 12:00pm PST
practice apocalypse and several other words i messed up today. now we'll go to ukraine and shepard. >> good evening from kiev where developments have been coming in. russian solidifying its control as local lawmakers say they're on onboard with moscow. observessers have been blocked from entering the crimea, and the russians sinking one of the own ships. you'll see exactly why it happened. >>> breaks now. u.s. lawmakers are all but done vote on promising a billion dollars in aid to ukraine. a lot of news today, so let's get to it. >> now, shepard smith reporting live in ukraine. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, 10:00 p.m. here in kiev. word tonight from u.s. lawmakers in -- from the law makers in crimea that the west has already lost the toughing dug -- tug of war. they will join with russia's president vladimir putin they with a -- waved russia flags. a protest led to the international crisis we're seeing up folding. crimea's parliament set up a vote for the cream crimean people. a vote that is meant to make the decision to join russia official in the words
Mar 2, 2014 2:30pm PST
forces tighten their grip. moscow is accused of declaring war on ukraine. condemnation from the west. john kerry accuses russia of an act of aggression. anotherlls in kia after day of demonstration. ukrainians wave international eyes in protest. russia tightens its grip on the crimea. ♪ ukraine is on the brink of disaster. that is the stark message from the interim prime minister. russia's moves to take control crimea amount to a declaration of war. his government is calling up all of its military reserves and appealing for help. waskraine mobilizes, there another massive anti-russian rally in kiev. they echoed calls for international support. they also heard from the president of georgia in 2008 when they fought a brief war with russia. the most recent developments, ukraine's new government has sacked the head of the navy one day after appointing him and charged him with treason. he was shown on russian television reading out a statement in which he store -- swore allegiance to pro-russia forces. he has surrendered his headquarters in so the stopple -- sevastopol. we will cor
Mar 6, 2014 12:00am PST
>> rose: welcome to the program. we continue our coverage of the crises in ukraine with former secretary of state henri henry s kissinger. >> i tried my utmost to prevent when i was working from talking on the phone from the middle of the pledges with the head of state of another country even more adversarial country because to become president of any country you must have a highly developed ego. when you put egos into confrontation with each other, and if there's no agreement, to whom can you appeal. i think really as a treadmill rule as diplomacy, heads of government should not encounter each other unless they have defined ahead of time what the parameters are. unless it's just a general philosophical meeting. >> rose: we conclude this meeting with james patterson. he holds the guinness world record on the "new york times" for best seller lists. >> as we known them will never be the same. it's all changing, the publishers, it's changing. publishers are being threatened. american literature. i mean, we need publishers right now. we need good publishers, we need good editors or
Mar 3, 2014 10:00am EST
his troops have been streaming into neighboring ukraine to protect russian citizens there. ukraine is accusing russia of a military invasion and is calling on the kremlin to pull its troops out of crimea. you and secretary-general ban ki-moon will meet with the russian foreign minister today discuss the situation. secretary of state john kerry will be traveling to ukraine tomorrow. as a direct counter to president obama's recent emphasis on the gap between rich and poor, a recommendation of a sweeping overhaul on head start and medicaid. page batik -- underscoring where republicans say consolidation for spending reductions are needed. >> the internet as we know it today bears no resemblance to monopoly telephone service back in the 1930's and 1940's and 1950's. what the courts have said and what the congress supports is, if i walk into a grocery store and i buy a gallon of milk and i pay $3.50 per gallon, if i pie -- if i die 10 gallon, i pay $35 for all -- if i purchased 10 gallons, i pay $35 for all 10 gallons. what they are trying to say is you can use as much milk as you want a
Al Jazeera America
Mar 1, 2014 2:00am EST
@ajconsiderthis. cl >> ukraine in crisis. russian troops on the ground at president obama sends a message to the kremlin. >> the united states will stand with the ukrainians. >> cost of cold - plunging temperatures hikes up heating bills. why heating your home may get more expensive. [ ♪ music ] >> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live in new york city. >> president obama issued a warning to russia saying there'll be consequences for military intervention in ukraine, after reports of russian troops taking up positions around two airports in crimea. the cell phone footage shows russian helicopters entering an airspace which is ukraine's peninsula. moscow says it will defend citizens, many of whom areth -- are ethnic russians. this picture shows armed men entering is building. it's unclear if they are russian. >> one of the last bastions of support for viktor yanukovych. he fled the capital of kiev after months of protest. it's believed he travelled to crimea and jennifer glasse has more. >> crimea is closed. closed to commercial traffic. earlier in the day armed m
Mar 4, 2014 4:00am EST
thousands of troops remain in the ukraine. leaders andr's best the imf again a special message -- mission. have revenue flows in the rearview mirror. welcome to the pulse from the european headquarters in london. geneva we had a cracking lineup so far. is the european car market is recovering. there is a glimmer of hope. he is going to be producing an suv very soon and the global markets are developing. we are talking to a higher die. what plans do they have this year? we will talk to renault. this is a european car company that has made a big investment in russia. are they regretting the investment and how will they manage the situation as this tory develops in the ukraine. how carefully are they watching every move that could and is making -- that vladimir putin is making? that could upset the apple cart and it will be a great show. >> looking forward to it. let's get more on the top story and the standoff between the ukraine and russia continues. vladimir putin withdrew soldiers soldiers remain in the crimea region. -- crimea region. a tense standoff in the crimea. base in c
FOX News
Feb 28, 2014 12:00pm PST
to meet in an emergency closed door session. the crisis ukraine. ukraine is claiming vladimir putin's forces invaded the country, and the white house says if that is true it would about be a, quote, grave mistake. let's get to it. >> good friday afternoon to you and yours. there is a crisis that is fast developing. the united states is losing patience with putin. washington warning the kremlin to stand down now in ukraine. russian forces are on the move. journalists from the "associated press" report they've spotted a convoy of russian troops making its way through southern ukraine. the same region where armed men in full battle gear have now seized and taken control of two airports. we'll show you where this is happening. crimea region on the black sea, critical port area where russia has a huge navy base. wear hearing from the ex-president of ukraine and he is in russia and is getting president putin's protection. he says despite the bloodshed he is still the rightful ruler and started his news conference with a clear sign of frustration. see the break there? the former pres
Mar 4, 2014 2:00pm EST
budget. the $1 billion impact for ukraine. peter cook tells us how the ukraine is fueling the energy debate here in the states. ukraine. the latest on president obama says russian president vladimir putin has breached international law. the present spoke to reporters earlier today on the situation in crimea. thatere is a strong belief russia's actions is violating international law. president putin seems to think -- has a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations. that is fooling anybody. everybody recognizes that, although russia has legitimate interests in what happens in a neighboring state, that does not give them the right to use force as a means of inserting influence. said heresident also has not spoken to president putin since the weekend. let's get the latest on the --und rumble bloomberg ground from bloomberg. what is the latest in the standoff? much a tensel very standoff. there's is an air base down in crimea. it was taken over by russian forces over the weekend. this morning, ukrainian troops -- 300 of them -- marched back to that base and said t
Mar 4, 2014 12:00am PST
>> charlie: welcome to the program. we begin this evening with a look at the crisis in ukraine and we start with senator john mccain. >> in eastern ukraine as we're seeing today, there's still a bastian of pro-russian people, and that's understandable, but even the young people in eastern ukraine don't want to be part of russia, and that's what it was all about, and i saw them then, later -- not while i was there, but later -- have a number of them killed and wounded and arrested by yanukovich and his desperation to keep roll and that obviously didn't work. we now know that yanukovich asked putin to send troops into camp. that is would have been interesting. >> charlie: some say yanukovich is an embarrassment to putin. >> i think so, but he's the only horsy he had to ride and it's pretty obvious he's taking care of mr. yanukovich just like he's taking care of mr. snowden. >> charlie: we talk to three men with experience in russia, michael mcfaul, former ambassador nicholas burns, and stephen hadley, former national security advisor for president bush. >> let's have no illusions abo
Mar 3, 2014 9:00pm PST
has just done in ukraine. when the berlin wall did fall in 1989, it started this chaotic centrifugal process by which the soviet union spun off into russia and all these new countries, all these new countries that had previously been soviet socialist republics. one of the most immediate crises to arise from that break in history was about all of the nuclear weapons of the ussr. at the time when the berlin wall came down, the united states had about 22,000 deployed nuclear weapons. for context we still have about 5,000 of them now, but then we had 22,000 of them and we think that the soviets had about the same number. and, yes, a lot of the soviets' 22,000 or so nuclear weapons at the time were in russia proper. but a lot of them were not. a lot of them were in belarus and kazakhstan and ukraine. and when belarus and kazakhstan and ukraine spun away from russia to become their own nations as the ussr collapsed, there was a real pressing and practical question as to who those thousands of deployed, fully operational nuclear weapons belongs to. this was not a sidebar issue at the time.
Mar 4, 2014 6:30am PST
the items to protect the ship from sinking russian authorities dismissed james by ukraine that the bolts have been given an ultimatum to surrender by tuesday morning. ukraine's acting president said russia would regress its actions the continued use. i appeal to russia's leadership stop the provocative actions aggression and piracy. see it is which. this is a crime you will announce the forests who wouldn't it be treated aaron has said to be sixteen thousand russian troops on the crimean peninsula. a prime minister as saying the same nick speaking with rich foreign secretary william hague said ukraine did not intend using force we try to resolve the crisis using only diplomatic and political tool. so for today no meal in three options on that too. walk we had simply asked for. foreign economic and political support. us secretary of state john kerry is expected in kiev on tuesday. the train from moscow someday with possible economic sanctions. reports of russian troops firing warning shots at the bell back airbase in akron and greek and russian soldiers had taken control of the basi
Mar 1, 2014 12:00pm PST
, we are watching the breaking news coverage in the ukraine and the dramatic fallout that's going on. this is a situation that's intention right now. we have just learned that secretary of state john kerry spoke with ukraine's acting president, all this, the latest in a series of dramatic events that have been unfolding, we have our correspondents around the world following all of the developme developments. elise, what's the latest we're hearing on the secretary of state john kerry, what is he doing. >> reporter: meeting with his a advisors, speaking with his advisors, wolf, he's in boston right now but we're told that he participated in this white house meeting of principals, the president's top national security advisors via videoconference, he also reached out to the ukrainian interim president, basically to show u.s. support for ukraine not only with russian troops entering the area, but also with this political upheaval that's going on for several months, culminating in the ousting of president yatsenyuk, right now the u.s. has to show support, even as it answers russian milita
Mar 2, 2014 7:00pm PST
will know what will . will bring to all dissolves to the woods of ukraine's new adidas as it cools off old mitre reservists in the face of a tense standoff with brush up on the crimean peninsula. incredible acts of aggression the lead to the us at that stage on kerry is warning russia of serious repercussions for the cut in ukraine. promising severe punishments the chinese authorities blamed separatist the size of a stabbing attack in a railway station in the city of corn maze which claimed twenty nine bucks what's the fuss by cutting his room i'm told but this was supposed to join us. mr ukraine has the sum they begin mobilizing for war costs up to the russian president died in a tree to the candy he had the right to debate the country. russian forces have already seized the crimean peninsula which is into its black sea fleet it's estimated there are some one hundred and fifty thousand russian troops along the border with ukraine ukraine's prime minister asked me yesterday who took power when the two yanukovich but last week called russia's actions of declaration of war what will
Mar 3, 2014 5:30pm PST
chance to go with us coming up to this it's sucha thing in ukraine despite wednesday demonstrative until he was by ministers meet in brussels to discuss possible sanctions de juana off the pitch stories filed in pretoria the trail. later on the street smarts guilty to entering his girlfriend model the best in town. i guess trailer and it was a straight wins. the capital. the my juicy meeting on ukraine england worst crisis since the gleeful russian foreign minister said in the broth has criticized the west for its threats of sanctions and boycotts the huge concern in the presence of russian troops in the border region of crimea. and what it views as the us intervention in ukraine the mosque says its troops out there to stabilize the situation by ukraine's use russia's actions of an act of will. in crimea as regional capitals into a pole most soldiers can be seen posted on tiki locations they then no national insignia. but few doubt that from russia. ukrainian border guards have reported the build up the vomit vehicles on the russian side of the straits that separate russia from cri
Al Jazeera America
Mar 3, 2014 7:00pm EST
guilty this ♪ >> the escalating political crisis in ukraine threatens to spill beyond boarders, it's effecting oil, gas, bonds, and wheat. and i'll head to america's heartland in a family farm with a big stake in russia. i'm ali velshi. this is "real money." ♪ >>> this is "real money," you are the most important part of the show, so join our life conversation for the next half hour on twitter and if you like facebook. tonight i'm going to help you understand the economic implications of the conflict playing out in ukraine, pitting vladimir putin against the united states and its allies in europe. there are a lot of moving parts, and i'm going to try to make clear which parts effect americans directly, and which one coulds have an indirect but possibly more important consequence on the u.s. if the situation gets out of control. today's drama involve conflicting reports that russia has tightened its grip on crimea, and the u.s. is considering sanctions against russia, and i'll discuss why sanctions may not work, and why the u.s. might not get its allies to go along with them. right n
Al Jazeera America
Mar 2, 2014 6:00pm EST
secretary of state condemning russia. he now plans to visit ukraine this week. meanwhile ukraine mobilis forces as russian soldiers surround some military bases. >> flooding eased in southern california. some have returned home to see the mess left behind. >> the stars come out for the biggest night, the oscars. how the awards also shines a spotlight on global issues. >> secretary of state john kerry announced he'll travel to ukraine's capital on tuesday to support the interim cabinet. after russia took control of crimea. he warned russia to step back, there could be economic sanctions and russia could be kicked out of the g8. the head of the ukraine navy was kicked out after swearing allegiance to crimea. russian troops surrounded military bases in crimea and depended military bases disarm. jennifer glasse reports from one of the military bases in crimea. >> it wasn't the day that sergei storozhenko thought it would be. russian forces came to his base ordering him to surrender. more russians arrived, truckloads. the colonel watches and tells someone "they're here." the ukrainian
Feb 28, 2014 5:00pm EST
days ago is, you know, it's one thing to have ukraine spiraling out of control and a deregularized state. russia at the doorstep and we have seen what russia has done with georgia at least in the past. this is at least the backdrop here and that's what's different from two days ago. two days ago, i was telling you that i don't think ukraine is something that's going to derail this market. maybe for traders. it's not warrant zbld of course, what's different is, the president actually speaking to us about the situation and we don't know what it is going to be in terms of the statement. we don't know what the u.s. might have in terms of involvement. >> you have the s&p trading at 1868. traded off 20 handles. every opportunity to continue that decline into a weekend, into uncertainty, yet the thing turned and rallied 12 handles. which, to me, was the most impressive thing of the day. it's extraordinarily difficult even in the midst of what's going on here. intraweekend, press conference, still manages to close up. >> is this a reason to buy bonds? >> it could be. we had a big move in t
Mar 4, 2014 9:00pm EST
ties and introduce western technical standards in ukraine that we don't use in russia -- sometimes russia will use those standards, as well, that we haven't done economic tieseans will be broken. there will be unemployment. factories will shut down. he did not refuse to sign the agreement. he just said, we need some more time to consider this document before we sign it. right away, all hell broke loose. was this unlawful for him to do so? no, it was perfectly lawful. they just used this as an excuse andupport opposition forces their aspirations for power. actually, there is nothing wrong takethat, but how can you a situation of anarchy and chaos and armed seizure of power? this is unacceptable. it is not the first time western powers have done this in ukraine. i think they sit there across -- pond in the u.s. sometimes it feels to me they are in a lab, and they are running all sorts of experiments on rats without understanding the consequences of what they are doing. why would they do that? nobody can explain it. the same goes for the first wave of protests and independence square.
Al Jazeera America
Mar 2, 2014 2:00pm EST
. and here are the stories we are following for you right now. ukraine accuses their navel chief of treason as he swears allegiance to a russian-backed leader the ukrainian government beefs up its military in response to russian moves in crimea. >> it's really 19th century behavior in the 21st century. >> this cannot be the way to conduct international fairs. >> and on to the red carpet we give you a sneak peek at the preparations being made ahead of tonight's academy awards. ♪ ♪ >>> ukraine has ordered full military mobilization in response to russian moves on the southern region of crimea. the acting president says that the country is now on the brink of disaster. and is calling up every single military reservist. russian troops have surrounded the ukrainian military base and askeand -- an act that the ukran prime minister calls a declaration of war. the head of the navy has been fired for treason. lawrence lee has this report. >> reporter: this appears to be perhaps the one place ukraine's forces in crimea are putting up any resistence, behind these walls is a ukrainian speci
Al Jazeera America
Feb 25, 2014 8:00pm EST
bring all american troops home by the end of the year. uncertainty in ukraine after the president's fall there. how to build a new government. school children massacred. the lethal group behind the murders of students in nigeria. plus. >> i don't have to make a decision until next friday. >> waiting for arizona's governor to decide, will she sign or veto a bill that many say discriminates. and 50 years ago tonight the fight that changed boxing, one event in a year that changed so much more. ♪ ♪ >>> we begin tonight with what could be a major change for u.s. troops in afghanistan. today president obama ordered the pentagon to prepare for a full u.s. troop withdrawal by the end of the year. it's a decision that could affect the lives of 10s of thousands of americans families. now, a few thousand u.s. troops were sent to afghanistan not long after 9/11, by 2005, the numbers swelled to 20,000. the american presence piqued threpeakedthree year old ago, bt president obama has been pulling americans out of the country since then now about 35,000 u.s. forces in afghanistan. the presiden
Mar 6, 2014 1:00am EST
of state john kerry on the russian foreign met to discuss the situation in ukraine. he urged moscow to engage in direct talks with ukraine over mounting tensions in the country. we will get an update next on c-span. then, former irs official refuses to testify about the alleged scrutiny of conservative groups asking for tax exempt status. later, more about the administration's 2015 budget requests. like c-span, we bring public affairs events directly to you putting you in the room at congressional hearings, white house events, briefings and conferences and offering complete gavel-to-gavel coverage of the u.s. house all as a service to private industry. we are created by the cable tv industry 35 years ago and funded by your local cable or satellite provider. watch us in hd, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. quick secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign rov met toergei lav discuss the unrest in ukraine and the russian intervention in the country. he spoke to reporters briefly after the meeting. this is courtesy of russia today. >> we have just had a meeting with joh
Mar 3, 2014 2:00pm EST
the threat of war in ukraine mean you should sell? hi, everybody. mandy and brian here today with you. happy monday. more on what to do with your money as ukraine heats up. plus, the surprising run of two former tech stars that had been left pretty much for dead, and what is no doubt the world's most expensive facebook post ever. >> let's see the fallout on u.s. stocks. it is the worst day in exactly a month here. you've got the dow industrials down 158 points, just off the lows of the day, down about 1%. energy was the only s&p sector that was positive. it is now red as well. we will bring you more on the commodity impact from the ukraine crisis later on in the show. in the meantime, i would like to show you what's happening with gold. investors are packing some of their loot with the safe haven, gold up just over 2%, sitting around four month highs. in fact, gold gained 7% in february, the biggest monthly rise since july. it is up about 12% year to date. other place investors are parking their money, with good old uncle sam. the ten year note is currently at 2.6%. it is around the l
Al Jazeera America
Mar 1, 2014 11:00am EST
here are the stories we're following for you right now. a chilling new development in the ukraine crisis why the russian parliament approves use of military force. this after a warning for president obama. >> we're now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by russian federation inside of ukraine. >> and after a terrible drought conditions california dealing with the effect of heavy rain and mudslide. >> the crisis deeing in now in ukraine where the upper house of the russian parliament has approved vladimir putin's request to use force. this comes after a referendum on increasing autonomy. for days we have seen the russian military moving around the region. phil, the unofficial leader appeal to russia for help. is this why putin asked parliament to send in troops? >> reporter: all along they said should there be a cry for help from ukraine they would not ignore it. this vote today has been quite significant, and it's been fascinating to watch. let me tell you what's happened already. in less than an hour' debated this situation and avoted to approve action possib
Mar 5, 2014 5:00pm PST
there going -- anderson cooper starts now. >>> good evening, everyone, we are live from kiev, ukraine today, dramatic developments on the ground and also fast moving diplomatic developments here in kiev, also in europe and the united states. we want to get to all of that in the hour ahead. this is one of the main roads going down into independence square. as you can see, there are barricades still all in place. this is very much still an active site of protest. there are still protesters here who are camped out. you can see some of them down there huddled around a fire, trying to stay warm. but this is also very much a shrine, a memorial to those who died here. more than 80 people died here, a little bit more than a week and a half ago. i want to show you just one of many shrines all throughout this square, five people died right here on this spot and they are memorialized here. you can see their photographs pasted here, their names, some of the personal information. people have placed rosaries. and if you're wondering what these are, these are actually shields, riot police shields an
Mar 2, 2014 6:30pm EST
other big story that is making headlines acrosshe world, the crisis in ukraine. visit ukraine on tuesday for meetings with the country cost government. 's government. we are at the russian embassy in northwest d.c.. that is where protesters gathered this afternoon. but that is right. these are testers are concerned that russia may try to do a takeover of the entire country. they say that they are realistic. they do not expect that america will go to war over this. they hope the u.s. will do something. voices, science, and flags held high, -- science -- signs, and fisa high, they gathered in protest. itself.ry repeats but they are adrienne concerned about what the obama consideration -- they are angry and concerned about what the obama administration considers an invasion. for three days, russian tanks and troops have been crossing into you rate. costsre will be cross -- involved of an invasion of ukraine. a 90 minute phone conversation with barack obama and vladimir putin has changed nothing. army is heavily armed. they have surrounded a crimean garrison. the military operation s
Mar 3, 2014 5:00pm PST
. reporting live from newark, len ramirez, kpix5. >>> now, to the crisis in ukraine. russia has issued new ultimate tips as it adds -- ultimatum as it adds to suggestions from crimea. they are calling for a national unity deal. it is also demanding that the crew of two ukraineia next warships surrender. but ukraine's active president says they are ready to defend themselves. charlie tagart tells us ukraine is not backing down. >> reporter: they are trying to determine what, if anything can be done about russia's military intervention in crimea and further activity along ukraine's eastern board. ukraine board guards have recorded seeing build up of forces along that board. ukraine prime minister says his country is on the brink of discasese sass they are. they have put their military on high alert. 130,000 active soldiers. but hundreds of thousands of reservist telling them to get ready to fight. >> charlie d'agart tonight. >>> president obama says russia is on the wrong side of history. he said today any russian threat to ukraine's navy would be a dangerous escalation of an alre
FOX News
Mar 1, 2014 3:00pm PST
growing crisis in ukraine with the drumbeat of war getting louder and louder. the country putting its armed forces on full alert, warning russia that any military intervention could lead to war, adding to the turmoil, protesters in eastern ukraine raised the russian flag. meanwhile, russia's parliament giving president vladimir putin the green light to send troops into ukraine sparking fears of a larger conflict. now, heavily armed troops are already in crimea but more could be on the way. crimea is no stranger to conflict. it has been a strategic prize and a major battleground for centuries. now, for news, fox news radio reporter jessica is live now in crimea. so what can you tell us now, jessica? >> the latest is that there have been a lot of pro-russian demonstrations across crimeawhe. they've held candlelight vigils and shout at russia. it's approximately 60% russian here and they are upset because they feel like the new government that was instituted on thursday in kiev, the pro coalition government and very much western-leaning is going to crack down on them because they are maj
Mar 3, 2014 9:00pm EST
of ukraine. this is against the expressed wishes of the legitimate ukrainian government. it is an unambiguous violation of the territorial ukraine. it is a breach of international law. we can see no justification for these actions. we have heard from russia that the forces are in ukraine to protect minorities from old radicals. we had claims of interference in the affairs of the orthodox church. we have claims of hundreds of thousands of refugees. russia has provided no evidence for any of this. it is clear that these claims have simply been fabricated to justify russian military action. in assuming control in a sovereign part of ukraine, the russian federation has contravened its obligations is a member of the international community. it has violated article two of the human charger which prohibits the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state. it has failed to honor its international commitments as a founding member and is a signatory to the 1975 helsinki final act. it has taken back its obligations of the treaty on friendship and coop
Mar 6, 2014 5:00pm EST
. finally, i would like to touch on the situation in the ukraine. heard me call president clinton aside and that's because he is. he is counting on the united dotes to sit back and whatever he wants. i support the limited sanctions outlined to freeze some assets and block u.s. he says. it is a welcome first step in we remain committed to give president as many tools as needed to put president clinton russia from prevent infringing on the sovereignty of any of their neighbors. the president justified the actions by congress and emergency and frankly i agree. if it is truly a national the secretary should expedite the approval of american natural gas exports. they have an energy stranglehold along much of europe and have been using it to their advantage and there is a growing consensus that ending this de facto ban would help our economy as well and help our allies in europe. i think it is time to act and i hope the president does. yesterday, the congressional black caucus has called on you to remove chairman myself from his edition as chair? continuation of a previous hearing in the issu
FOX News
Feb 28, 2014 3:00pm PST
taken by the russian federation inside of ukraine. there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> i'm bret baier in washington. this is a fox news alert. president obama addressing the nation less than an hour ago about reports the russian military had entered ukraine. we have fox team coverage tonight on the extremely fluid situation in ukraine, changing by the hour. wendell goler covers the president's brief address, but first, senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg keeping a close eye from london on this developing story. good evening, amy. >> hi, bret. the warm glow of the olympic closing ceremony has dispalted in less than a wee ukraine's crimea has probably something to do with local militia groups, protection groups, bret, but certainly, there is a russian military presence down there, and the question and the concern is where is it all leading? another jarring wake-up call in ukraine. armed men take over the civilian airport in the semiautonomous region of crimea, and where russia bases its black sea fleet. russia says its personnel th
Al Jazeera America
Mar 2, 2014 5:00am EST
fun starts in rio. >> first, ukraine's security chief says it's calling up all military reserves and wants them to be combat ready as soon as possible, following vladimir putin's request to deploy more soldiers to protect russian interests. >> unidentified troops are in crimea. it is home to ethnic russian community. soldiers, believed to be russia, arrived and later they left. russian troops reportedly disarmed ukrainian guards at a naval base. those developments have been met with alarm in the west. the u.n. security council convened a second emergency session and canada announced it's recalling its ambassador from moscow. james bays reports from united nations in new york. >> how concerned about the situation are you? >> very, deeply. >> ak bass doors arriving for the -- ambassadors arrive for the second meeting in 24 hours. ambassador, is your country innovating crimea? >> the russian ambassador not answering my question, aware they will be facing criticism. cameras were allowed to film. ukraine's officer appealing. >> we call upon the the security council to do everything. >> th
Mar 3, 2014 5:00am PST
gone into ukraine and they are protecting russian citizens living there. they are taking control surrounding many as they give up and they are all tee manning that russia break down >> we call them to withdraw their forces to their bases and to refrain from any interference elsewhere from ukraine. >> ukraine has asked for international help saying that government does not have the military power to defend itself from russia. >> meanwhile he will fly and he cop terms an incredible russia and warns am them pretesting their actions. . >>> ukrainians and their supporters had it outside of the russian consulate and they say it is upsetting to see what is happening to their country. >> they won a piece of land because of the money and politics and they will never say it and try to find other ways to come through. >>> ukrainians are also praying for piece. the sermon was with family and friends back home. >> they have left the owner concerned about the future of her business. police say a latino bad left with the cuisine on bee street. he shot a-- an 18-year-old man has been arrested an
Mar 3, 2014 12:30pm EST
is live at 2:00 on c-span2. the house later this week on c-span. the unfolding situation in ukraine. new reports are coming out saying russia is giving ukrainian forces in the crimean peninsula to leave or face an assault. that is according to reuters, attributing one source in the ukrainian defense ministry. secretary of state john kerry, he is scheduled to go to kiev tomorrow after russian troops entered crimea over the weekend. the associated press says russia issued ultimatum for surrender of two ukraine yap warships in crimea. secretary kerry said the international community could kick russia out of the g8 holding meetings in sochi in june and they could freeze assets if russia does not withdraw the occupation. he is scheduled to make remarks shortly from the state department after a meeting with the prime minister of moldova. we'll bring you remarks on companion network c-span. russian president vladmir putin said he sent troops to protect russian personnel in military bases in southern ukraine after the ouster of ukraine's president. secretary of state kerry will speak to the
Al Jazeera America
Mar 3, 2014 5:00pm EST
better grasp of what came before 2014. ukraine leading up to today. russia tightened its grip in ukraine on monday. russian soldiers are now in control of all ukrainian border posts. tensions remain high. 1 example: earlier in the day, there was a report by the inter fax news agency that the russia's black sea fleet commander issued an ultimatum warping ukraine's military. the russian ministry of defense called that report total nonsense. president obama meeting with israeli netanyahu vowed to keep up the diplomatic pressure on russia. >> with impunity to put its soldiers on the ground and violate basic principles, and i think the strong kind of name it's received from indicates the degree to which russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> president obama said from ukrainian government. >> those in crimea, they are illegal. i would repeat. illegal they tried to squeeze ukrainian assets, tried to confiscate ukrainian property, disarm the ukrainian army for these kind of actions, they have to know. >> leaders in kiev and other world capitols fear ukraine's eastern regions may be n
Al Jazeera America
Mar 1, 2014 3:00am EST
>> any violation of ukraine's sovereignty of territorial integrity would be deeply destabilising. >> president obama issues a warning to moscow as armed men patrol the streets of crimea. >> hello, this is it al jazeera, live from doha. also - protesters on the streets of venezuela. opposition leader henriques capriles tells al jazeera that the government won't last. in thailand the prime minister has no plans to step down. thousands of her supporters set to rally. plus, brain drain - why so many of britain's up and coming black film makers are packing up and heading overseas. >> the situation in ukraine's semiautonomous crimia region appears to be getting appears. the pro-russian leader has taken control of the police. and asked vladimir putin for help. unidentified soldiers are on the streets, guarding roads leading to the parliament building. al jazeera's hoda abdel-hamid is in the crimea capital. it's after seven in the morning there. new developments to report in that area around parliament. >> yes, certainly something that wasn't there yesterday as of midnight. today what yo
Mar 3, 2014 7:00am EST
minutes. we welcome your thoughts on what the u.s. response should be to the events going on in ukraine. here's how you can reach out to us. if you want to give us a call -- democrats, (202) 585-3880. republicans, (202) 585-3881. 585-3882.ts, (202) if you want to send us a tweet, .o so @cspanwj -- sendsend this e-mail us e-mail at secretary of state karri plans on tuesday. region he discussed the situation in -- >> there are serious repercussions that can flow out of this. there are a broad array of options available. i spent yesterday afternoon on the phone with many of my counterparts. foreign ministers of countries most engaged and all of them, every single one of them are prepared to go to the hill in order to isolate russia with respect to this invasion. they are prepared to put sanctions in place, they are prepared to isolate russia economically. the ruble is already going down. russia has major economic challenges. i cannot imagine that an occupation of another country is something that appeals to people who are trying to reach out to the world and
Feb 28, 2014 5:00pm PST
>>> an extremely tense situation escalating tonight in ukraine and a warning today from president obama. take a look at this video the we've just gotten into. crimean television says there are russian helicopters entering ukraine. this is from earlier today. but we just got this video. they say those are russian helicopters. the growing concern tonight, russians getting close to crossing a dangerous line, sending troops to the crimean region. armed men outside two airports and surrounding the major state broadcaster. a complicated situation on the ground, one that's far from clear at this point. we want to make sure everybody knows that it is far from clear but it's the assessment of the u.s. government and their belief the russian military forces. we don't know at this hour what their operational orders are. we do have this statement just in from the house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers "it appears that the russian military now controls the crimean peninsula. it's aggression is a threat to ukraine and the region's peace and stability. russia's latest action is yet an
Al Jazeera America
Mar 1, 2014 11:00pm EST
for the russian intervention in ukraine to end. >> tough talk at the u.n. as ukraine goes on high alert. the security council calls on emergency meeting. >> mass soldiers in the street. russia seizes control of a key region and prepares to send more troops. >> dangerous mudslides threaten homes in southern california - hundreds forced to leave their homes. >> carnivale is under way in brazil. we take you behind the scenes of a samba school where they learn how to party. [ ♪ music ] >> there is concern ukraine's crisis could morph into a war with russia. ukraine's russian president says military intervention will lead to conflict. country's soldiers are on high alert. >> russia is in control of crimea. uniformed armed gunmen control the streets. it's a move that has been welcomed. demonstrators rallied in the street supporting the intervention. the parliament approved vladimir putin's request to use military force, prompting a special meeting by the united nations security council. the united states wants the u.n. to deploy observers to the ukraine. president obama had a long pho
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Mar 3, 2014 9:30am PST
, they're just beginning. then is it ukraine or the ukraine. i'll get to the the bottom of it. and my guest ledge enary singer darlene love stars in a documentary called 20 feet from stardom, tonight she'll be 16 feet closer. major league baseball he is eliminating home plate collisions. apparently they violate baseball's long-standing ban on action. this is the colbert report captioning sponsored by comedy central welcome to the report o everybody, good to you haves with. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> welcome to the report, everybody. folks, if you have been watching the news like i v you know there is a big story this weekend. thank you so much, folks. folks, the winter olympics are finally over. they've handed out all the metals and all the whips. and the athletes are now leaving town before vladimir putin uses the olympic flame to burn down sochi for the insurance money. unfortunately, my friends on the u.s. speed skating team 2014 has been a rocky road or as they call it, an unzambonied rink. they medaled in only one event and the team is covering th
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